Handouts for the Survey of English Literature between 1660 and 1900 Lecture Course


Lecture 1 Comedy from William Wycherley to Oscar Wilde

Lecture 2 The Neo-Classical Poetics of Dryden and Pope

Lecture 3 The English Novel in the 18th Century

Lecture 4 The Age of Sensibility in Poetry

Lecture 5 Historical, Social, and Gothic Novels around 1800

Lecture 6 Romantic Poetry

Lecture 7/I Victorian Poetry 1: Tennyson and the Brownings

Lecture 7/II Victorian Poetry 2: The Pre-Raphaelites and Hopkins

Lecture 7/III Victorian Poetry 3: Matthew Arnold and Oscar Wilde

Lecture 7/IV 19th-century Fiction



Reading list for the exam


Reading List



The end-term examination


The examination will be oral and will consist of three parts:

    (i)   text recognition based on the compulsory readings;

   (ii)   random topic (period, author, or concept) to be discussed by the candidate (see exam topics);

  (iii)   selected topic to show knowledge of an area different from (i) and (ii).


Although the text recognition part will be weighed quite heavily, the inability confidently to identify literary passages will not automatically lead to a failing grade.



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